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[ e v a n s ]

                       a gryffindor’s w h o r e. what is she doing here ? a
                       late hour and the ‘golden’ girl is wandering alone,
                       through the school’s old walls. suddenly, the black
                       sister appeared right in front of her.


                       ❛ surprise, my f r i e n d

       there’s a gasp that escapes  her  the  minute
       the other black makes a sudden appearance
       right in front of her. she tries her best to hold 
       back a scoff and rolls her eyes instead.

                                   ❛ you’re no friend of mine. ❜

      she snaps, almost bitterly. very U N L I K E her
      that  she too is taken  aback  by  her own words.
      of all people, the lunatic of a black that is bellatrix
      is not and never will be the one she wanted to see.

                                   ❛ what do you want ??


doeofgryffindor ;  


My character has died and is now a Reaper. They must escort a certain number of souls over to the other side before they may rest in peace themselves. Send me a ✩ and my character will react to yours being the last soul they have to take.

-not accepting-


🐾 ;; —- He’d had enough of it.

                      He had forgotten how many  d a y s it had been.
                      He had forgotten how many people he had met.
                      He had stopped counting such a long time ago.
                      He wasn’t  c h a n g i n g  anymore.
                                                        Why would he anyway?
                                                                                   He was dead.

           And  he had  been
           dead for a very
           l    o    n    g     time.
           But was it weeks?
           Or     months?  Or
           even          years?

                      The  o  n  e   thing he knew was
                      that there was that  o  n  e  soul
                      coming, that   o n e  person that
                      would be the last for him to take.
                                                     Sirius wasn’t even sure he would
know it would be the last one.
                      Maybe the last one was already
                      on the other side and he would
                      be stuck as a
                                            until the end of time.

      The war he had  d i e d  in was still
           raging on.
      He could see it everywhere around
      him. He saw it ᴇ ᴠ ᴇ ʀ ʏ ᴛɪᴍᴇ he was
      taking souls in a battlefield. He saw
      it every time there was a Death Eater
      killing one of the people he knew.
      He saw it ᴇ ᴠ ᴇ ʀ ʏ ᴛɪᴍᴇ he had to take
      a          m  u  g  g  l  e  b  o  r  n  .
                        Or    a     m   u   g   g   l   e .
      There were so many times he had to take
                            c  н  ι  Ɩ  ɗ  я  є  η.
       It was  ħ ø я я ı в ł e  but he got used to it.

                                                    —    Something   changed .

                           This time was ɗιffєяєηт.
                           He felt so human again,
                           he felt full of   e n e r g y,
                           he felt a little n e r v o u s,
                           he felt a little  happiness
                           the ridiculous ʟ ᴀ ᴄ ᴋ of it.

                                         And suddenly, he knew.

                He was going to take the ℓ α ѕ т soul.
                He was going to go to the other side.
                It was going to be over.

                        But it was going to hurt.
                        And it was going to hurt
b  a  d .

                  Sirius knew it the moment his eyes
                               on the house in front of him.
                  It had been so   l o n g  - but he still
                  r e c o g n i z e d it. It was the house
                  of the people he had      died      for.

                         That was the home of James and Lily Potter
                         - and  Sirius  Black’s  little  godson.  And  he
                         was there to


                  It was already tearing him  ap a r t
                  to  know  that  his   b e s t   friends
                  would be the ones he would have
                  to   take   to   the    o ʇ ɥ ə ɹ    s ı p ə

                                            And he didn’t want to be the one
                                            to draw the life out of
                                            נαмєѕ ρσттєя -
                                                    or ℓιℓу ρσттєя -
                                                            and least of all -
                                                                               нαrry poттer.

             And it showed soon
             that he was  r i g h t.
                                                 It   h u r t   to take them.
                                                 It   h u r t   to be the one
                                                 to  touch  James  Potter
                                                 the moment Voldemort
                                                 cast the  κıłłıиg  ¢υяѕe.

                 And he was - oh
                 so              close
                 to  n o t  doing it.
                                                       But he knew it would happen
                                                       in a   d i f f e r e n t   way.
                                                       More   c r u e l   way.
                          And he didn’t want
                          his best friend
                          to   s n ɟ ɟ ə ɹ .

             They didn’t even have the time to talk.
             James had to go, he had to move on  
            — and so did Sirius. He had to follow
             the man who killed the best friend he
             ever had upstairs — only to find James’
             wife there, talking to her child -
                                                  - to his  g o d s o n .

                     ❝ ——  L ι ℓ у -  ❞

                                    Her  name  escaped  his  lips q u i e t l y
                                    as     she    ρℓєα∂є∂     the    dark   wizard
                                    to  spare  Harry’s  life  before  a   f l a s h
                                    of      ɢ ʀ ᴇ ᴇ ɴ     ʟ ɪ ɢ ʜ ᴛ       and then —-
                                    —- it took a moment for him to touch her,
                                    to   take   her    soul    out    of   her   body,
                                    her desperate scream still
                                    є   c      н        σ           ι             η                 g
                                                                                         in his head. 


                      At first neither of them spoke,
                      both  w a t c h i n g  the  man
                      approach    the    small    boy.

        Sirius feared he would have to take
        Harry too -
           - to take him in front of his mother.
                       In front of Sirius’ own friend.

                                                  But he didn’t have to.

                    And  he   k  n  e  w
                 L  i  l  y     P  o  t  t  e  r
                 was the   l a s t   soul
                 he would have to take
                 - that  he would  go to
                 the other side with her.

                                  He was still staring blankly at Harry
                                  - surprised by what had happened -
                                  suprised that the little boy lived and
                                  Voldemort  disappeared  -  when he
                                  heard  his  own  name  and  turned
                                                                            to face Lily.

                                                ❝I’m so sorry—-❞

               He shook his head slightly
               as he looked at her,
               α ρ σ ℓ σ g у
                                ѕ σ я я σ ω
               written all over his pale face.

          ❝I hoped, Lily —- I hoped you
          wouldn’t have to go so soon—❞

                                                                  ❝ It’s okay, Sirius— ❞

                  He didn’t agree - it was
                  a n y t h i n g  but  okay.
                                                              It  was  wrong
                                                              in e v e r y way
                                                               p o s s i b l e
                                                              and he knew it
                    - but the red haired woman
                   only looked affectionately at
                   her  boy  for  the   last   time
                   before  turning  back to him.

                                        It was time to let go.

                      It was Harry Potter’s story from now on.



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