The Potter family will never not make me cry.


Hogwarts Yearbook | Lily Evans and James Potter.


Here he just looks too much like James Potter for me to cope 

Jul 28
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James and Lily Potter Week is July 28th - August 3rd, 2014 [x]


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Thankin' ya? I don'even know who
    you are. For all I know, you could be
    here to kill me, so don’ expect me
    t’be grateful anytime soon, aight?❞


               ❛                 If I wanted to kill you, I would 
                 have killed you instead of helping you.
                 Now, hurry up and tie the man before the
                 spell wears out. And I’m Lily by the way.
                 Now you know me, don’t you? I’m expecting 
                 a thank you right about now. ❜


I don’t quite know

how to say

how I feel

Those three words

are said too much, 

they’re not enough…

I guess I just needed some Jily.

I came here to drink my milk and kick some ass— and I just finished my milk.
james potter, at some point before a quidditch game, i’m sure of it (via yourdeercaptain)
Jul 27
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I’ve finally hit the great milestone of reaching 500 followers, still can’t believe it, so I decided to do my first Follow Forever post.

These people are my loves, some very special people who keep me going here, I shall call them Slytherins.

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I’ll be here on my son’s birthday. Definitely.